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Invest in crypto with your
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Build a crypto portfolio with spare change collected from your bank account.

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Reimagining what it means to invest

Risecoin makes it easy to invest in crypto assets with your spare change via dollar-cost averaging.

Invest with your spare change

Risecoin helps you invest in cryptocurrency with spare change gathered every time you make a purchase.

risecoin illustration
risecoin illustration

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your investment plan

Create a purchase plan for your coins and automate your investments daily or weekly.

Earn up to  
yield with Defi- powered savings

Risecoin helps you earn high yields from 4% to 15% APY with your crypto assets using our DeFi investment strategies

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How it works

The easiest way to earn more money with your spare change.


Create your plan

Create an investment plan and select the coins or tokens you are interested in.


Full control over your investments

Set threshold amounts for your spare change collection or pause your plans when needed.


Connect your bank account

Set up a recurring deposit or automatically invest your spare change.


Boost your earnings

Opt in to DeFi-powered opportunities to earn up to 15% APY on your earnings.